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December 29, 2016


Too many air passengers fly with phony support pets, critics say

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I need the support of my other animals to get around the airport!

Do my Border collies qualify? I couldn't move livestock without them.

Are the rates cheaper? I keep my wife around for emotional support.

I think I'll ask an airline if head lice count as support pets. THAT should get their attention.

I think I'll take along a support turkey when we fly to visit friends next Thanksgiving.

LeD - I think head lice already fly free.

Do bedbugs qualify as support pets? Just asking for a friend.

I have a support cat. Whenever it gets cold outside, I support her.

If you need Fifi with you in order to fly, you probably should be traveling by ambulance.

I blame Carl Hiaasen for letting the secret out in "Razor Girl".

I want a support rhinoceros. Imagine the fun at the TSA checkpoint!

I want a support alligator. Or a Bermise Python hybrid. Or both.

In my reference (intro) class in Library School or whatever they are calling it these days, they told us that refusing a service animal could be considered discrimination against the disabled, with the implication that good liberals would not want to discriminate against anybody.

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