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November 27, 2016


Snakes 'falling through light fittings': Adelaide catcher warns of increased activity

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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This is serious.
You shouldn't make light of it.

"You're lissstening to ReptilesssFreefall 101 FM. And now Ausssssland's back to back ssslithering...featuring..."

♫ It's raining ssssnakes, Halleluiah,...♫

♫ The Recoil of the Mac ♫

and ♫ Trust In Me (from DIzzznee's Jungle Book)

[imagined tourism infomercial]

Unlike people who voluntarily live in Florida

"People need to be aware [and] watch where they're putting their hands. Don't put their hands in places where they can't see," he said.

"Make sure they're wearing gloves, good leather gloves, when they're doing gardening."

I always recommend a complete suit of armor for anyone visiting Australia.

Remove all the lights. Use candles. Problem solved.

I have a couple of geologist friends who have worked extensively in Australia. They tell me the venomous snakes are not very common, and days can pass without encountering one. However, there are many venomous spiders, giant centipedes, bull ants, paralyzing ticks ( and others) to provide entertainment in the interim. I would say the old saying " you don't have to be crazy to live here, but it helps" originated in Australia.

I crossed Australia off my "must see" list a long time ago. Speaking of Florida....is Miami still in one piece? I heard there was a little partying going on there.

I don't worry about snakes and other large animals. With a little common sense you can see and avoid them more easily than drunk drivers. I spent two months visiting Australia and never saw a wild snake (it was autumn) and I'm in Arizona right now.

The real problems are the microbes and parasites, mostly transmitted by insects, ticks, etc. Australia has its share, but so do Arizona, Florida, etc. -- and with climate change, the tropical stuff is moving north.

Why did it have to be Zika?

And in Texas, the snakes have to watch out for the politicians.

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