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November 26, 2016


CCTV captures moment a cow creeps up and attacks a man in the street - for no apparent reason

(Thanks to L. Raymond)


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I sent the link to wife. Been a while she has remarked, "stop bothering be."

Those terrorist bastards.

Maybe I should delete the link I sent a minute ago from her email. Been a long while since she has remarked, "stop bothering me and who taught you to spell."

Maybe this is a new disease that occurs in angry cows.

I wonder if there is a name for it...

The cow escaped from the Far Side cartoon.

Eat Mor Chickn...

Revenge for Cow Tipping...?....

On the other hand, if you don't 'tip' your cow, you may get curdled milk and bad service....

The video is not very clear, but I'm pretty sure those two grapefruit swinging between the back legs mean it's no cow, it's a Brahma bull, who are not known for having sweet dispositions.

Clearly, a case of mad cow disease!

From looking at a clearer video on Google, I believe the swinging thingie under the cow was likely an udder, but I wouldn't want to get close enough to know for sure without having a clear exit plan.
In any event, mentioning anything to any woman about creepy attacking mad cows should be done very tactfully.

Obviously the cow has friends - or even family members - in bull fighting. This is a sort of revenge. Go Cow!!!

It gets worse. Much worse.

What's his beef?

Nothing to see here, MOOove along.

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