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November 01, 2016


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting this wedding announcement, which is the last one listed here.

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)



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I was reading that page of the local paper one day and I found an announcement for the Wedding wedding.

This could only be better if they served "laughing gas" to the guests. Of course, Colorado will try a different version...

Ralph Kramden sends his regards.

Actually, my favorite part about that particular announcement was not the amusing headline but that the bridegroom's parents included "Susie Hardy and Irene Smith, also of Boonsboro."

Did not mention that the bride hyphenated her mothers and fathers name together - done by some women who think it looks sophisticated. It was rather pointless in this case, as the mother happened to have the same maiden name as the father, which can happen in widely spread families. It does mean, however, that the wedding should have been listed as Hardy / Harr - Harr.

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