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November 30, 2016


Argument between grandmas ends in gunfire at Pleasant Grove Walmart

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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I saw them open for Lady Gaga.

Helluva show.

I would have thought that Texans were better shots.

I'm looking forward to ligirl's annual holiday prose.

Wasn't something similar a storyline on Meet the Browns?

If only Madea had been there--she'dda stopped the violence.

If grandmas are outlawed, only outlaws will be grandmas.

Opening sentence: "A fight between two grandmothers landed one in jail and the other in the hospital."

Penultimate sentence: "An off duty officer saw Brown with the gun and the two exchanged gunfire, but no one was hurt."

This does not compute.

This article makes one pine for the Good Old Days when news stories were actually edited.

I agree about the editing. Plus in one sentence they didn't capitalize Brown's name which made it even more confusing.

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