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November 30, 2016


California regulates cow farts

(Thanks to everybody)


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They can pass all the regulations they like, they'll never get the cows to say "excuse me."

I nominate Gov. Brown and the state legislature for the field enforcement team.

Maaaan, no more sitting around a campfire, eating beans with the cows.

I think Sacremento (and DC) needs a politician digester.

That is funny. North of me in the summertime when the wind is blowing you can smell the cows. Farts I don't know though. (ha)

I thought maybe they'd put the offending cow to death.

Final question they ask the cow: Can you say BBQ?

Next they'll place a statewide ban on selling or consuming beans.

The devil is in de tails...

Damn it, when will the media stop confusing farts with belches? Almost all the methane produced by cattle is front-end loaded. And this law also addresses the need for front-end loaders for back-end product.

Ralph--I guess farts just sound funnier, but you are correct. BTW, I sent this article to a geologist friend who said we need to take high methane emissions seriously as there is a theory that dinosaurs farting ( and belching) into a volcano ignited the firestorm that caused their own extinction, not some stray asteroid. But he has no proof because he wasn't there at the time.

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