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November 29, 2016


Montreal transit agency takes back $101 fine it gave man for offering free hugs on metro (he had no permit)

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Now he can afford a flea collar.

Off with his head!

Wait...they took back the fine?

Does that mean they collected the fine and then took it for donuts or something? It gave the man a fine? Did they give him $101 and then take it back?

This "move to Canada" movement sounds better all the time!

I saw the Subway Squeezers open for The Jam.

As long as they didn't make him give the hugs back,,,,


Montreal's Transit Authority should open their arms and remind citizens Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over and warn Identity Theft Tuesday is on.

Good thing he wasn't a little kid selling lemonade. Here in the US, the nannies have made that a hanging offense.

Wait... you said " hugs "...? Not " bugs "...? Nevermind.

When the CBC contacted the Transit Authority, they said their initial concern was that they thought he was giving way free mugs, and this upset mall mug sellers.

"Société de Transport de Montréal"

Sounds about right.

Wait, license to hug??? Is there one that makes ass grabbing legal, too? Jackpot.

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