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November 27, 2016


Scientists create an 8ins remote control bionic penis out of metal that grows when it gets heated

(Thanks to Patty Villanova, Samuel Sprague and Roberto)


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Christmas is coming...so to speak.

Don't miss the comments after the article!

You know in the past I commented on how scientists may have too much time on their hands....

Still true....although one wonders about the hands-on approach.

Why is there no warning for men not to click on the article?

Comes with a remote control. I wonder who would handle the remote. It could be very entertaining.

I get by with a little help from my friends...

What could possibly go wrong? What happens, for instance, if you get too close to a microwave? Or the remote control turns into HAL -- "Sorry Dave, I can't turn off the magnetic field."

There is growing interest in robotic penises.

If the bionic penis doesn't make the Six Million Dollar Man sound effects, it's a crying shame.

It is great until you go through an airport magnetometer!

redefining the term hot rod

Deceased politicians noses would work better.

This is a modern implementation of an old adage: the heat of the meat is inversely proportional to the angle of the dangle.

This brings a whole new meaning to 'I lost my head' and 'I don't know where my head's at'

This gives a whole new meaning to the song lyric, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire". Of course it depends on how hot the coil gets. Also, if your penis looks like a banana you may have other problems.

Bionic Penis opened for the Stones at Altamont.

Does it make a sound like a chainsaw when it fires up? Or just the traditional "schwing"?

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