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November 25, 2016


...for now.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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I didn't realize it was gone

Burn, baby, burn!

Here we goat again.

What's the odds at the bookies for it going up in flames within the next 24 hours?

SAVE THE DATE!!! You can watch the bocken's birthday party live on Saturday from 3-4:30 by clicking here!

Let's hope it can attend.

So, where are all the dusty, costumed weirdos and naked performance artists? Burning Goat? I thought it was Burning Man.

They'll never get that on the top of a tree.

They should make it out of something people would never dare set fire to, like last year's lutefisk.

I think they are trying camouflage -- it looks like a dog to me.

I agree with Neighbor North. Until I read the English translation I thought it was a big paper schnauzer with a carry handle. But we all know it's gonna turn into a hunka, hunka burnin'goat.

I prefer these.

It's got some competition in Japan and this one brings its own fire.

Happy 50th anniversary to The Goat!

I received an actual invitation to the party, but for some reason, the idea of traveling 5,431 miles (Thanks, Google!) to sing "Happy Birthday" to a combustible goat doesn't really resonate with me.

Maybe I'll get to goat next year.

I don't see any sort of goat. :-(

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