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November 25, 2016


A Flathead resident called law enforcement reporting that they had received an email from ISIS. The resident wanted extra patrol in his area to show the militant group that the threat was being taken seriously.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Dammit, Trump, you see why we need a wall with Canada?

I get e-mails all the time from deposed Nigerian princes. Maybe these folks can all get together and form a support group.

A man driving through Somers lost his wheel.

This could be a variation of Caption Contest: Detail That Euphemism!


Get off my dam lawn!

Digging up the dead dog is also a way to keep Isis at bay. And bagpipes

wanderer2575---My heart also goes out to that poor man who lost his wheel in Somers. We just need more information. Was it a wheel off his car or his steering wheel, or did he lose his wheel bearings?
It's sad when any wheel loses it's bearings.

I agree with Le Petomane. I'm betting it was his steering wheel.

How do you spend the holidays in Flathead?

10:09 a.m. A Kalispell landlord called to report that one of his tenants is off her meds and throwing knives.

--from the 11/24/16 Flathead Beacon Police Blotter

Geezer Alert!
I recall an episode of Candid Camera where they rigged a car to drive with three wheels. A woman driver (NC it was the 60's, put away those knitting needles!) would drive to service stations (remember them?) and complain that the car 'was driving funny'. The mechanics' would question her about the missing wheel. She was prompted to say that the car had always had 3 wheels. The reactions of the mechanics were priceless.


Oh crap! I remember that... but I was only a kid then.

* hops on the geezer bus anyway *

And I like those geniuses:

12:15 a.m. A resident on Flathead Drive in Evergreen called to report that someone trying to drive down the railroad tracks in an automobile had gotten stuck. A tow truck dispatched to the scene to remove the car also got stuck on the train tracks and so a second tow truck had to be sent to the scene.

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