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November 28, 2016


Australia's How Ridiculous Group Breaks Record with 593-Foot Shot off Dam

(Thanks to Steve K)


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Makes watching NBA players who can't make a free throw making $100 million plus look even more ridiculous. Bring back Wilt and let him go for a new Guinness record.

manual tomato, I hate to break this to you but....Wilt Chamberlain died in 1999. Maybe we should send Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan over to see how it's done.
If any of you ever wonder if a famous person is dead just let me know. Whenever I watch an old program I have a bad habit of looking up the actors to see if they're still alive. As you can see, I have a rich and fulfilling life.

So my first thought was "Why anyone shoot a foot off a dam, much less 593 of them?" ohhhhhh.... Never mind.

OMG NC I do the same thing. I've been watching Columbo reruns and looking up all those guest stars.

Dam what?

I do this too. I made my homepage a youtube video of an old Match Game episode featuring Elaine Joyce sitting in the first seat on the bottom row next to Richard Dawson. Elaine is wearing some very expensive looking earrings which causes me an outgushing of ecstasy as I enunciate, "I have got to have her." I'm way past Wikipedia regarding this subject.

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