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November 29, 2016


Police say Vanatter told them she agreed her boyfriend could slice her arm with a box cutter and drink her blood. But then the two argued and Vanatter stabbed her boyfriend in the shoulder.

(Thanks to Poker)


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It's never a good idea to tell a policeman that you have the potential of becoming a serial killer. Especially if you've just stabbed someone in the shoulder or anywhere else. Whatever happened to just going out for a nice dinner and maybe a movie?
Now get off my lawn!

What on earth could the argument have been about?

If you ever visit Springfield, Mo. ask yourself, "What the *hell* did I stop here for."

Ahhh... young love! Lovers quarrels. Someday they will look back on this and laugh! In an evil Satanistic tone maybe but hey...

Angelina and Billy Bob redux.

... she agreed her boyfriend could slice her arm with a box cutter and drink her blood.

It may seem like a ridiculous scenario, but on meth it makes perfect sense.


Vanatter warned an investigator that she has the potential to become a serial killer.

Like I said...

One of my jobs when I worked for a state mental hospital was doing psych evaluations. When anyone claims they have the potential to become a killer, take them serious. When psychos blow they do it with the suddenness of a lightning strike.

I used to wonder where Blues lyrics came from.

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