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November 25, 2016


BAGPIPE music is being played through the night at Bournemouth's Travel Interchange to stop homeless people sleeping there.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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While I know some (nursecindy for one) consider bagpipe music an oxymoron, I have no problem with it...or haggis, for that matter.

Oh the humanity! And think of the poor people who work there. What's next, accordion music...no, I believe that was banned by the Geneva Commission.

...and they are piping show tunes.

They just haven't thought of using Manilow music.

Show tunes as performed on bagpipes are quite rousting.

I used Shazam on some bagpipe music and the app identified it as "Okay, OKAY, We'll Tell You Our Military Secrets" by Several Distressed Chinchillas.

"This has included regular police patrols, proactive input from our rough sleeper team and we have been trialling the playing of music in the evenings and night time to deter rough sleeping.

Rough Sleeper Team?

Isn't that the code word for the new Presidental administration?

"Ask your doctor about Alprazolam or Doxylamine if you still have problems sleeping..."--future PSA

If that doesn't work they should start playing some opera music. I saw that done on an episode of "The Commish" once and it worked pretty well.

Anyone else old enough to remember One, Two, Three with James Cagney?

The East Germans used "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" as an instrument of torture in that one, to make a Russian confess that he is an American spy.

If the problem persists, try "MacArthur Park."

wanderer2575, I had no idea you were that cruel.

I've been in McDonald's stores that played classical to discourage loitering.

I think playing bagpipe music is a conspiracy with a hearing aid store.

All the homeless Scots will just hang out there.

Bagpipe music also works well for staying awake while driving. You have to buy a CD though, have not yet found bagpipe music on the radio or to download.

The Germans called the Scottish warriors 'The Ladies from Hell'. Kilts and bagpipes, don't mess with 'em.

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