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November 25, 2016


Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 10.12.34 AM


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That is a cute picture but it is so true. That happened to me over 20 years ago at a Walmart south of me. Just vicious. I am happy to say I bought my TV at K'mart then.

Staying home on Black Friday - problem solved.

Apparently the use of shock devices is discouraged. Who knew?

Attention Walmart shoppers

Think about the implications. I never called my servant
"black Friday" even though....

Trampling the heck out of strangers....a 'holiday tradition that dates back to 17--er--1976....

Proof that you can fool most of the people most of the time...?

Ah, Black Friday. A great day to order a pizza, drink beer and watch old movies on TV.

What better way to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child than to try and kill someone for a $50.00 discount on a TV?

This is why I choose to work on Black Friday. Also, there's hardly anyone in the office, I can leave at 1 after the stock market closes, and there is hardly any traffic which, for the Tampa Bay area, is unheard of.

ubetcha I had no idea you lived in Florida. You seem so.....normal!

After the madness has passed, have a quiet pizza lunch at Chucky Cheese.

They should have the "Running of the Bulls" on Black Friday.

Inside a Walmart.

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