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November 26, 2016


Dashcam captures the moment a bird throws a snake at a car

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I would send this link to my wife if I thought it I would not catch her attention and cause her to send more links to me from WebM.D.

Meanwhile, snakes watching this at home have to put up with that "Do not attempt" disclaimer at the bottom of the screen...

A couple of times I have seen eagles grab a snake, circle high and drop it onto rocks to kill it. This was in the desert country of Utah. I learned this is a rather common thing for birds of prey to do, but dropping a rattler on my Jeep would have been a real shock.

It vas supoposed to be a piece offering....

This reminds me of a past life where I visited Vulture --er--[Americanized version] Eagle.. Peak....

Windshield viper?

I think that he was trying to warn the driver that he is on the wrong side of the road.

~Snork~ at Ralph.

Looks like a bouncing baby boa....

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