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November 30, 2016


America could be about to lift 45-year ban on haggis and Scots are thrilled

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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I really need to stop clicking on these links at lunchtime.

I'm not sure but I'd guess that the word haggis
has something to do with bird droppings.

The Malox factory adds on a third shift.

I spoke to some of my Scottish relatives about this. They aren't that thrilled. In fact one of them said that ban was one of the reasons he came to America.

The Trump administration will restore the ban. .

Actually, properly made haggis is delicious. We had a small restaurant with a Chinese chef who delicately deep-fried it to make haggis tempura. Strangely, I couldn't persuade anyone else to try it

"...classic offal dish."

That's not how we spell awful on this side of the pond.


I won't even eat menudo because I know what's in it. Now this.
Yuck and double yuck!

When I see McHaggis sold at the golden arches, then I'll be worried.

When haggis is banned, only the criminals will have haggis.

Haggis, the gift that keeps on gagging.

Is it true that haggis was the inspiration for turducken?

Ach!!! Nooo!

It takes guts to eat haggis!

I will be one of many to say "I don't like that, it's too different."

My Border collies are thrilled!

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