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November 01, 2016


Exhausted geese falling from the sky


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This must be where the 'Goosebumps' books come from

I saw them open for The Byrds.

Honking good show.

"I just flew in from Russia, and boy, are my wings tired."


After going a few rounds with Steven Seagull, I'd be exhausted too...

"Sunshine coast"? British Columbia? How did Seattle miss that marketing opportunity?

The ancient Indians called this " Free food fall from sky time".

As if Russian hackers aren't enough, now it's Russian honkers.

Davy said any flock bird found on its own could be in trouble and in need of assistance.

But Davy!

revs up the geezer bus

@Frank - in Vancouver they call rain "liquid sunshine ". But that part of the coast, north of Vancouver is actually quite nice and sunny.

Were the geese goosed?

Honkers would be a great name for a bar for horny folks.

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