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November 28, 2016


California considers ban on sex between lawyers and clients

(Thanks to Al Barkafski)


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I thought that was why they went into law in the first place - so they can screw people.

But this would be wrong, right?

What if they are consenting lawyers?

What if one lawyer is representing another lawyer and the first lawyer...no the second lawyer.. Throw the book at them both.

That's how you end up with new lawyers. Sort of like zombies.

Good one pogo. Part of me says, you would think they'd already know this is wrong. Another part says, now how am I going to pay my lawyer's fees?

Tart Reform?

So they won't be able to go thru each others briefs?

Thank you..

Also up for consideration is this entry for the official CA Bar Association song.

The ABA has a blanket sex ban? Guess we'll kick them off the bed and go with just sheets...

The first thing we do
we kill all the lawyers.

Loudmouth, a girl asks her mother whether anal sex can make you pregnant. "Where do you think lawyers come from?!"

What if the work was Pro-Boner ? (nudge...nudge..wink...wink....)

It's just a ploy to get ugly actors more lawyer parts on TV.

Wait! If you ban lawyers, then only outlaws...wait, I haven't thought this through....

"Just Us" is the hidden ABA motto, right?

These comments should come with a snorf warning.

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