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October 31, 2016


Flabby, older fathers are healthier, live longer and more attractive to women than their lean, muscle-bound peers, study reveals

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Well, I am flabby AND older AND bald, but women are not exactly showing their appreciation. Somebody should tell them that according to science I AM attractive.

FINALLY. a scientific study we older guys can totally agree with. The author deserves a Nobel Prize and statues in parks worldwide.

Yeah .. no. Nuh-uh.

Scientists, of course, failed to study reactions when he poops in your yard, or comes back to clean it up.

(Another listing in today's blog)....hmmmm.....

Gimme a gut with hair.
Curly, graying hair!
Shining, gleaming,
sweaty, droopy and unwaxed.

That's all I've got.

I kind of like a little extra on my man...

Here I am, come and get me ladies!

The study was funded by The Flabby Older Farters of America.

OK, I admit to being in the study group.

Flabby Fathers opened for the Pointer Sisters.

We need r-shirts...

Sorry, t -shirts....

I'm a flabby older father, and I get hugged a lot. I think they regard me as 'cute' like papa smurf or something.

I'll take it.

And they say prayer doesn't work!!

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