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October 27, 2016


It can be hazardous.



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Dave, I hope you're voting for yourself.

Do they hand out the hard hats before you vote, or after? Or do they just hit you with the hat depending on who you voted for?

After this election, someone's gonna need a "rubber room" and it won't be pretty.

Very heavy Hanging Chad Zone.

WARNING: Collapsing egos zone.

The hardhat is to protect your head when you get your ballet and realize that you have to vote for one of these two.

Or it's to protect your head when the swarms of parachuting lawyers start dropping in.

I feel like donning a hazmat suit before going to the polls.

I've never been to Florida, but from what I've heard, anyone named Chad should leave the state during voting season.

I've decided to just write Dave's name in as my choice for president. I think Stephen King would make a great Veep.

nursecindy, absolutely Dave for president. Maybe Stephen King would be a better secretary of Defense and Ridley Pearson could be VP. Add Carl Hiaasen as Secretary of State and no country that wants to remain intact would mess with us---ever.

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