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October 29, 2016


Gin and Tonics Are the Secret to a Long Life, Says 100-Year-Old Woman

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Um, Dave? I feel I've read this story somewhere recently...

Nothing worse than a standoffish hundred year old woman staggering around all day with an AK and her knitting needle. Ok. I made up the AK, but you never met my grandmother.

The Vodka industry says that this story was ginned uo

Bartender, make that a double!

Gin and tonic is essential for blogging, evidently.

Six gin and tonics a day? I wonder how much of her 100 years she remembers?

I love that her daughter said she is well preserved, like a good pickle.

Gin and tonic is one of my favorite drinks. It was also one of W.C. Fields. I always loved his quote;" I had a woman drive me to drink and I never had the decency to thank her".

It was mother's milk to her - Liza, My Fair Lady

NC, that's WHY she drinks. No complications or memories.

Gin and Squirt.
Anyone remember grapefruit Squirt?

In his late 90's George Burns was asked how many cigars and martinis he smoked and drank a day, and he said, "about six." He was then asked what his doctor said about that. Burns replied, "He's dead."

Also, redundancy. And firing judi as often as needed.

Didn't Douglas Adams have something to say about gin and tonics?

It's from the Suffolk Gazette, a parody site. And they just killed her off. http://www.suffolkgazette.com/news/mabel-jackson-death/

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