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October 20, 2016


Engine blows up, falls out of truck.

(Thanks to Nancy Gill)


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Chip off the old block?

My first car was a brand new bright blue Vega, hot off the assembly line. I drove it from the dealership to my BFF's house and when I went to leave, the gas pedal cable snapped. The dealership had never towed a Vega and didn't realize they were supposed to do so from the back, so they ripped the entire front fiberglass bumper off. Took 'em 6 months to get a replacement. I immediately drove over a snow bank and ripped it off again. It stayed off after that. Then the battery blew up while I was driving up a mountain. And the heater core rotted away. That was all in my first year of ownership. There was no second year.

Reminds me of my girlfriend and her Pinto which was devoid of motor mounts. I could bring up the idea of her having, of all things, a Pinto devoid of motor mounts and be in her pants instantly. Like, I'd say, "You 'don't' have any motor mounts, how cool." Bang, we were happy and having sex instantly.

"Now that's entertainment! PSYCH!!!"

Hello... ONSTAR...?

My first car - a dark brown Vega. My roomies first car - a brown Ford Pinto. Two wild and crazy guys.

THAT needs to happen at the Indy 500...a lot...

I once bought an old beat-up Suzuki Samurai to tow and use as an off road exploration vehicle. The first time out I was on a shelf road above the steepest canyon in Southern Arizona when the thing started coughing and smoking. There was a small flat area I pulled onto, got out to see what the problem was when I discovered the parking brake didn't work either. After what seemed like an hour the Suzi finally stopped rolling down the cliff when it jammed between two big boulders at the bottom of the canyon. It was a long hot walk back to my pickup. I sometimes wonder if it's still there. I never went back to check.

it's only a couple months old. Were you looking for this tag instead?

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