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October 27, 2016


Oregon woman leaves apology note and gas money after accidentally stealing car

This is not reassuring: Police told KGW that keys to certain Subarus can work in different cars. The Subaru that the accidental thief had intended to collect was parked a block away.

(Thanks to Alkali Bill)


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Soon to become a political excuse! But of course there won't be any money returned....

I almost did that as well. After leaving a shopping mall I tried to open "my" car - the remote did not work, the keys I could inster, but they did not turn. I was about to call The AAA when I noticed that the car does not have the sctatch mine does, and inside looks different.
Also I parked on the other side of the mall, I was not even in the right parking, and no, I dont drink.

Subaru is not unique (and neither are their keys). I think some brands have something like 20 keys that will open a range of years of vehicles.


I once owned a white 1989 Honda Civic hatchback. One evening, I left a restaurant and unlocked, got into and started what I thought was my car, and only then did I notice it wasn't my car. What are the odds that someone else would have a white '89 Civic hatchback that had the same key as mine and be parked at the same restaurant? Not all that unlikely, as it turned out.


There's a finite number of ways a key can but cut, and most manufacturers use the same key stocks for several different models, so in the days before they installed chips in them, it was very common for one key to operate many other vehicles.

When I was in college, I once mistakenly went up two flights of stairs rather than one and opened the locked door to my room with my key, and it turned out to be the dorm room of the female people upstairs. Seemed like a dream come true.

You can all read the rest of Just Some Guy's story in next month's Penthouse Magazine!

Of course, this does not happen to me. What happens to me is I stand next to a car the same make and color as mine, pressing the key remote and going "Why *click* doesn't *click* this *click* damn *click* thing *click* work?"

A wise college friend of mine told me that his house wasn't protected because his door was locked. His house was protected because doors have locks.

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