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October 31, 2016


Scientists create Viagra mouth spray that perks up blokes in seconds

(Thanks to coscolo, Jeff Schneider and Roberto)


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Now a bloke can immediately demonstrate his excitement at meeting someone.

Is that a bottle of Viagra spray in your pocket, or is your mouth just glad to see me?

They found liquid squirted under the tongue of rabbits worked in just 78 seconds.
Like they need the help. Not sure that's a relevant test group.

Takes effect in either 78 seconds (text) or one hour (picture caption). Maybe it depends whether you are a rabbit?

Test it on people who watch " Wheel of Fortune ".

I asked for a Dr. Pepper, not a pecker doctor....

The world could always use more perky blokes.

Does the woman or the man deploy the spray?

Under the tongues of rabbis?

Oh, rabbits. Never mind.

Blokes? What about d ks?

I don't think rabbits need viagra. They are quite famous for NOT needing any viagra.

Damn, I thought it was Binaca.

Seems to me it would just give you a stiff neck.

Whose mouth gets sprayed, the bloke or the bloke's partner?


And they say prayer doesn't work!!

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