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October 23, 2016


Do not click here.

(Thanks to funny man)

Link fixed; judi fired.


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I do not think this story somehow matches this headline.

We're going to miss Judi!

Wrong link.

Well, PirateBoy, if it weren't for the previous post, I would have thought it might.

I can make the story fit the headline. For instance I could say something like, "PirateBoy I have a little surprise for you."

She writes "Go Cubs", after they knocked out THE LA DODGERS out of winning yet another World Series?

NC, sorry, but the cub's curse of 1945 has just been extended!

I, for one, hopes Judi is fired the moment she walks in the door on Monday for this.

This is what I sent in.

I think Judi has something else on her mind.

This is what I sent in.

I think Judi has other things on her mind.

Expecting a little one, maybe?

"That's even more amazing considering they had no prenatal care."

And we know that through entire history of humankind, normal babies were never born, since there was no prenatal care.

PirateBoy, should we add "GO TRIBE!" to our nics for the occasion?

Like this?

There was once a man from Kent
With a pecker so long it bent!
To save himself trouble,
He bent it double
So when he was coming, he went!

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