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October 28, 2016


Mystery as thieves break into the National POO Museum and steal a collection of cow pats

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Can't imagine they made a clean getaway.

When visiting the Pooseum, be sure to check out Leonardo's sequel to The Last Supper as well as Rodin's other seated masterpiece.

I'm guessing the thieves didn't want the usual street corner grade poo, and went for the 'good' stuff.

The background music for this has to be the great Jim Stafford song The Ballad of Cow Patty (and her moped named Flame).

When in jail, other inmates will mock them by yelling "you ain't s**t, b***ch."

Hey, just had a flash of creative insight nonsense....

Whatever you give, adding a nice gift card stating "on loan from the National Poo Museum would add that SPECIAL touch to the holiday!

breaking and enterology

*Snork* from the very bowels at Chuck

They were cow pats before processing. Now they're ex-pats.

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