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October 30, 2016


Graphic images ‘show British Airways pilot performing sex act on himself while flying’

(Thanks to funny man)


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Now that's what I call the really friendly skies.

I thought that was what the auto pilot was for.

I thought that was an "anatomical impossibility".

A Mile High Club for single pilots is an idea that'll never fly.

The thrust, the thrust,
we must maintain the thrust!
(Basic aerodynamics)

I guess he won't be flying for Virgin Atlantic.

He wanted to fly United, wink wink.

He was working his joystick.

Perhaps he was trying to overcome his "Fear of Flying".

Well duh... it is a cockpit after all.

When asked to comment, his only reply was:

"You ever seen a grown man naked?
Do you like movies about gladiators?"

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