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October 06, 2016



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Riding the storm out? He now owes REO Speedwagon royalties. And obviously the Scorpions. Given what he already owes Queen and Bowie maybe being washed out to sea is his best option.

Keep him in your 'hope He makes the missing list' prayers.

Pray long and meaningful, Vanilla Ice

Next on the "Vanilla Ice Project" (on the DIY Network), he will rebuild his own house.

What am I missing? Why is this funny?

Are hurricanes intensified by idiots blowing hot air?

@Susie - Vanilla Ice is a stage name of a white rapper, one hit wonder of 90's. He is known for stealing other people's music and being a complete, self-centered douchebag.

"We replaced this Hurricane Matt with Rush Limbaugh. Will Floridians notice?"

TV I'd almost pay to watch. I said ALMOST.

Where is NASA and those ice crystals (to steer and diffuse the storm) when you need them?

He's lucky He's not alive to sue.

He's Dancing With The Storms

He's locked up in his trailer, watching Cold as Ice. And if you've never seen that movie, it is very close to unwatchable.

A small clip from that movie: sorry I linked to this!

PirateBoy, why so sorry? Those vocals are fantastic!

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