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October 31, 2016


The woman, known only as Xiaoli, from Shenzhen in China, managed to raise around £14,000 by convincing her boyfriends, all 20 of them, to each buy her an iPhone 7. She then sold the phones via the website Hui Shou Nao and made 115,010 Chine yuan (£13,991), which she then used to buy a house in the countryside.

(Thanks to funny man)


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My buddy calls sloppy nineteenths. I told him He's an idiot.

Call me maybe?

A Chinese girlfriend not throwing a temper tantrum in public? No wonder so many guys were attracted to her.

In related news, second-hand iPhones cost $850 (700 pounds, current exchange rate) in China.

Send her to Washington...or maybe not.

In future news, police found the lifeless body of Xiaoli in her countryside home, and announced they have 20 suspects....

More proof of how the world is really run by women. Exhibits B and C: Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

Real estate prices are cheap in China. Who knew?

I think I remember her.

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