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October 30, 2016



(Thanks to Jhartari)


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That makes more sense than most of what I've been hearing.

Was I supposed to get an error? Or was the link bad?


The link appears to be usable only if you have a Gmail account.

I do have a gmail account and it's still not working.

This link makes as much sense as this election.

"Forbidden. That's all we know."

403. That’s an error.

Your client does not have permission to get URL /nIOvztohTjgowKrfyLZLdsu5Tf92S6m3nW5olDuokVZKtpfW65l6RGJODltnuMB31JqLCxs82d2A_nk3kJjtyrMTT9Lx9g8LVSq16fQWo9G6KzKZypCs4GdcuQgJDTSDA2zQyI5K6MRp1FcYv47Rj74pyI9qMezHTraDI5ELcqi1IaVzPKGR0ricUezJ6yKeBa1T41anCfVCXO--YeHeR7lbaKCxD-tNuP9hJNC8OfwDi2QlyLRWGSFUGZKdKRPQLZNz-I1jah1lhqH2zQ2sVXE-n8RqItfdoLFheIcwN0HWVEAcR4KgXEeyYcU_FkUshWhcR-mzQSNRjmIYiT7YZdNZ8EjymhaFo2Y4dB7pBbvQKtvwrFY6n_DiWt7r9EWivSb-7IYokkpyC1s8Bjds09iVEQf9vUFpTP7d5X9IG8fwjm8CASbK0G5TZycWaSNwsGrSz7nezo2ULQ7TPZBE5fbCqCyOfkTuKnmUrx0Olbhstlx9xR016NvlszAya1I6fl-n3VGKh9fg0KQ4pXtNfpmpM7o1zLZf2XMPdjoNnLfjzGRa1bzERTSny1dnvP6LfT2pwoy3eH2eYkETPRUiu70m7nS8lsuUwP2PLnv4FR9qJD2GcwU4r0EskGYXyBi1pqrvDvQIkpPs_x3wCaliIGlQIAAOwDPUlrtCWv0-0dpW5ExzD9QDFUP1tVy_qboxwifBZ8Hczqw2UA=w2438-h1360-l75-ft from this server. (Client IP address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)

Forbidden That’s all we know.

I know what 420 means, nut what the heck is 403?

It must be nasty, I'm guessing.

The link was probably cut and pasted from Google mail directly instead of going to the link and copying it from the browser window.

Fire Judi

Now I'm getting:


Error 410

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