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October 24, 2016


Burglars have broken into a doctors house in the dead of night and stolen 240lbs of PEARS.

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Watch out. This could be next.

Don't look at me. I don't like pears.

The burglars must have found them appealing.

Did the burglars travel in groups of two?

Also, you sure it was 240 pounds and not 240 dollars?

We have a suspect in custody. Trini Lopez.

MT - Trini switched fruits (NTTAWWT)?

I couldn't get over the fact He is still alive? I had a Trini Love guitar at one time. A hollow body Gibson with humpucker pickups.

And you thought, tomato is full of it.

Zombie St. Augustine!

(Yes, I am a geek.)

But I believe those pickups on the guitar were "humbuckers". The coils were alternately wound to suppress 60 Hz hum.

The key to guitar pickups is the tone. The older the pickup gets, the weaker the magnets get. That's why a beat up old '59-early 60's electric guitar can be glued together with Liquid Nail and be worth like, the same amount we paid Iran to go ahead and begin producing nuclear weapons. A dead or weak magnet helps create a 'warm' tone. Even a little 'sustain' occurs with old pickups with dead magnets. My Trini Gibson had Humpuckers that unfortunately created a stinging sour tone.

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