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October 31, 2016


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting America's Most Wanted.

(Thanks to Hayseed Tom)


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If you have any information concerning 'the Dong', ugly gorilla, Jack Wang, Schwang, Dung, or Xiaoli please contact your local FBI office if you still have your iphone 7.


Jack Wang, "UglyGorilla"

Unofficially known as "Double Happiness" although we can only guess why.

His girlfriend claims his they should add gross misrepresentation of facts to his list of charges.

To paraphrase (and slightly alter) a line from one of my favorite movies:

"China's got lots of Wang, Jack."

Wang Chung's cousin?

More research into this guy disclosed his girlfriend's pet nickname for him was, "Dinky Dong". Who can blame him for running?

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