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September 29, 2016


Chinese man pledges love with 999 boxes of condoms, bouquet fashioned from G-strings

Aw: The woman was astonished as he pledged his love and said a man on average only had sex 6,000 times in his lifetime, and he wanted every one of those times to be with her, the report said.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Check the expiration date and view the number as a goal

"Astonished" is certainly a polite way of describing her reaction to being invited to serve as his girlfriend/sex-kitten. If he's good for 6,000 trysts, I suppose that's what true love is all about, though your Porsche's mileage may vary.

Once they get married the other 999 boxes will be superfluous.

What? I kid.

...but, not have children. The Nookie Cookies were special.

I think it was a SERIOUIS mis-translation of "99 Red Balloons" by Nema, which itself was a mis-translation of 99 Luftballoons, one of Hitler's bombing campoaigns against England. Or so I hear.

Such a sweet story. I think I'm gonna cry......

Really? 6,000 times? I have a lot to catch up.

I hope Hallmark doesn't get any ideas from this.

Karnak predicts many unused condoms in man's future.

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