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September 27, 2016


World Nomad Games 2016: Kyrgyzstan's sporting extravaganza

Actual Event: Goat throwing.

(Thanks to Fabian Marson)


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The United States team was there!

I've got the whole 2016 Topps Goat Throwing card series!

Last nights tv goat throwing event was awesome !

There is no way I could live in Kyrgyzstan. I'd never be able to pronounce it or spell it for anyone. I can't even spell Massachewsets, Massachsits that state where Boston is located.

Cindy, you mean Mass.

Well, this just has Olympic Games written all over it.

Kok-boru theme song.

It won't be popular in the U.S. without electronic scoreboards and kiss cams.

Goat throwing doesn't hold a candle to cow flinging followed by a kegger and barbeque

They throw a decapitated goat into the opponent's goal??? THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!

Goat-throwing, shmoat-throwing. The real sport in the US is bull-throwing. I saw it on the debate last night.

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