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September 28, 2016


Instant coffee promising to give men 'instant erections' with secret ingredient found in Viagra blasted by health experts

(Thanks to Le Petomane and Dave N)


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Where is the Marquis when we need him?

@Jeff - drinking coffee might be a kind of foreplay.

Really, red bull.

The best part of waking up...

Well, ever a regular coffee gets me up.

WARNING: Contains Macoxafloppin.

Good to the last drop??

You do mean if you "perk up" you will "perk up"?

Amazing how we progress digress...

It would be even funnier if it was made by 'Chock Full o' Nuts' coffee.

It gives you Shwing.

( Juan Valdez winks )

Today, Chock Full o' Nuts coffee brand has announced a new advertising campaign to promote it's new Instant coffee that give men an instant erection. It will partially borrow from the Folgers brand jingle, The best part of waking up is getting a Chock full nut. They also intend to borrow the Maxwell House slogan Good to the last drop, The tagline will be, It gives you Shwing!

WARNING: Contains Macoxafloppin.

I'll bet you'll never guess where I got the material for this.

I don't understand.

The secret ingredient was found in viagra that was blasted by health experts?

What was the secret ingredient?

And what did they blast it with?

And, for a visit to Starbucks lasting more than four hours, consult your doctor.

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