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September 29, 2016


Union of Industrialists candidate Zaza Agladze poured a glass of water over his opponent Irakli Glonti from State For The People bloc. The two then started pushing and kicking each other, as the moderator tried to keep them apart.

Do not miss the video.

(Thanks to manual tomato)


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Some people call that....well never mind, but, candidate Zaza Agladze, WBAGNFARB.

I like how the moderator's first concern is being sure her hair remains perfectly coiffed.

A question to scrabble players - how many points would I get for Zaza Agladze?

How can anyone not vote for someone named Zaza Agladze?

Incidentally, Donald Trump insisted the moderator lose "a ton" of weight before the next debate.

Darth Vader would have had that debate under control.

What is not to like? Tap out loses. A cage debate would be much more interesting.

"They are no a-rules in De Bat."--ZazaFisthook

"Your argument is all wet"

"I see you've thought it through from A to Z"

The real question is: Who thought it would be a good idea to seat them next to each other???

Anybody woulda tried that in the last debate, Lester Holt woulda had 'em in a hammerlock toot suite.

just watched movie alice in wonderland . . cheshire cat is actually hillary. will she ever stop smiling? but it's ok - she can open pickle jars.

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