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September 26, 2016


Mooning and streaking outlawed in Victoria, Australia

(Thanks to Nancy Gill)


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I thought Australia was the land of freedom.

"See that lady streaking over there?"


"Catch up to her and tell her I'd like to read her fortune."

Play your didgeridoo instead.

"Don't look, Ethel!"

"Down under." Snort.

Too late wanderer2675, she's already been incensed.

Outlaw Streakers is a know biker gang.

I've always heard the Victorians were very straitlaced.

The act also outlaws singing "an obscene song or ballad" and behaving in a "riotous, indecent, offensive or insulting manner".

I guess Miley Cyrus is going to need to cancel her next tour of Australia...

Dit that fixit?

All right, K, , What did yoou do?

Might as well shred the Magna Carter, or whatever they have down there.

Is mooning legal int Butte, Montana?

Thank you...

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