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September 27, 2016


Experts suggest 9 weed strains to get you through a presidential debate

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Only if you smoked all nine at once.

My brother recommended getting through it with girl scout cookie [tm?]

Whatever happened to good old Panama Red and Acapulco Gold?

Not that I ever inhaled.

What's wrong with 'mellow yellow'?

(Hawaiian gives you much aloha. Or so I hear.)

But what if you get a hold of some bad weed?

You might actually comprehend the insanity in front you.
Be very afraid....

I found the best way to get through a presidential debate is to turn the TV channel and watch something else like The Andy Griffith Show or Hogan's Heroes. Same amount of goofiness without the horrible realization that one of them will be running our country. One more thing: Dave Barry For President!

Dave would have killed at the debate.

Probably safer than drinking games.

nursecindy is absolutely correct. I spent yesterday evening with a selection of Barney Miller and Hogan's Heroes DVDs. I'll read the debate recaps later. I'd vote for Sgt. Schultz before I'd vote for either of the leading candidates.

^5 nc, Jeff, and wanderer

I actually watched the debates just sipping tequilla. (weed would have been a better choice).
They really needed three shadow heads at the bottom of the podium making MST3K style comments and maybe a laugh track. Next time it will definitely be HOGAN'S HEROE'S". But the bottle of tequila WAS mostly consumed.

As a criteria for casting one's ballot, how do y'all feel about voting for the candidate most likely to be successfully impeached?

I read a recap of the debate this morning and one woman commented that she was proud of Hillary and was going to vote for her because she looked so pretty during the debate. When you look at it that way, Hillary Clinton is prettier than Donald Trump. Capisce, I like the way you think.

Didn't Kimmel rough up the Donald's hair, why doesn't the Hillary get equal time?

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