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September 29, 2016


Macon man accidentally shoots himself while sitting on toilet

(Thanks to Stan Ruth)


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Like you have never done that before.

Next time, just read a magazine like everyone else.

That's one way to get rid of a load.

They left an "h" out of that headline.

Sounds kinky.

Probably thought he saw one of those Australian penis-biting spiders.

The title could be re-written as:
"Macon Man accidentally shits himself while shooting on the toilet"

...trying to clear his pistol...????

Did they mean "Clean", or that Indian (as in New Delhi) chant "Kleem"?

Either way, soon to be a major comedy staring Adam Sandler?

And " clear your pistol " is a euphemism for what...?

tune of Spiderman
♪ Macon man! Macon man!
♪ Shoots himself while on the can!

where are Meanie the Blue and ligirl?!

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