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September 26, 2016


Alaska Council to Vote on Cat Leash Law

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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It would help with herding

I think the town council should investigate bear leash laws at the same time.

Kenai Mayor Pat Porter and council member Tim Navarre have proposed a cat leash law

I'm guessing they happen to own the town's only drugstore and have a lock on the Neosporin and Band-Aid markets.

Yeah, that'll work.

Next year, the Council will require baths and clothes for all pets. Elwood Suggins, an activist who campaigned for the law, said that animals are always flaunting body parts, especially males. "It is inappropriate for young childrens, and makes me feel jealous," Elwood noted.

I put a lease on my cat once. Only once. Once was enough.

I believe that at the next assembly meeting, the mayor and councilman should have to demonstrate the correct method of cat leashing. That should settle the matter.

"Where are you going with the leash, honey?"

"I'm going to take the cat out for a drag."

I had a cat who used to go out with me 'n' the dog for a walk. She (the cat) seemed to like the company and the adventure. Sorta the way a dolphin loves baked kale.


We're gonna need more tetanus shots.
I agree with all of the above comments but I'm totally in agreement with Le Petomane. If they do this I hope they film it and post it on their FB page.

They'll need antibiotics... and bandages... lots of bandages.

No self-respecting cat will be caught dead on a leash.

Leashes are for things like this: Folsom Street Fair.
(NSFW photos)

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