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September 27, 2016


Seriously, ew.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Jeff: I'M EATING BREAKFAST, for Pete's sake!

This "ew" declared officially justified.

[actual *shudder*]

I'm not clicking on anything Dave calls "Ew..", or "Don't click here" . I'm just about to have my breakfast and the bacon is on the grill. I'm not going to waist it.

I'm appalled by this demonstration.

In my humble...it's a tie between fast food and placenta.

But I think you've ruined my appetite....

You say placenta, I say polenta

Just remember, it's locally-sourced, non-GMO, has no trans-fat, and it's gluten-free. Just a matter of time before the USDA recommends it.

I hope he at least had some fava beans and a nice chianti to go with it..

I'm with Qaz. When Dave gives a warning I listen. Whatever happened to the good old days when they just put the placenta in shampoo and didn't serve it as an entree?

Okay, I'd like to hear what everyone thinks . . .

Should you drink red or white wine with placenta?

RegularGuy55: Neither – you drink tequila, and swallow the worm.

Geeze, even Jeffrey Dahmer, Alferd Packer and Hannibal Lecter would have passed on this meal, even if they did have some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Makes me have a craving for haggis.

Just to be pedantic it was his child's placenta (unless his in-laws held onto his wife's placenta for a couple decades).

Remember, Mr Blog (and judi, soon to be fired), this blog has a Do Not Click This Link tag.

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