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September 26, 2016


Jilted woman gets revenge by zapping cheating boyfriend's CROTCH with a stun gun

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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This show the growing need for groinal tazer under pants (with WIFI activation).

"What he doesn't seem to remember is that he got me a taser for Christmas."

I thought electrical gifts for women at Christmas are a big no-no. Or is a taser okay because it doesn't have a cord and a plug?

wanderer, there are other electrical gifts that women like. Call them, "power tools", if you like.

I guess it's slightly better than the Bobbitt approach.

If you love someone set them free. If they come back they were always yours. If they don't, hunt them down and electrify their cojones.
This is exactly why you buy women jewelry for Christmas.

The real reason she did it was to pay him back for the Mr. Coffee he gave her on Valentine's Day.

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