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September 29, 2016


Clown Sightings Spread to Florida, Virginia and Colorado

(Thanks to Allen at Division and Le Petomane)


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Pretty sure Trump hasn't been there, but who knows, Hillary maybe, not sure.


I've seen them! On Monday night, right in my TV!

"Authorities were not able to locate the clowns."

NMUA, I am so staying in and making popcorn for ClowNado.

Set traps baited with pigs. Duh.

They've been spotted in New York and New Jersey too".

Impersonating a clown for nefarious purposes, Weld County says, is a felony and could carry with it a jail sentence of up to 18 months.

Uh, Halloween is coming up. How do you impersonate a parody of reality? You know that clown union is tough on unlicensed clowns.

I understand D.C. has a building or two loaded with clowns, so they aren't "sweatin' it."

It's called Congress which is also a euphenism for you know what.

Wow ! Those candidates really get around, don't they ?

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