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September 01, 2016


Mounties in Penticton, B.C., say they got quite an eyeful last week after a man peeled off his clothes and began washing himself with milk after inadvertently spraying bear spray down his pants.

Key RCMP spokesperson name: Don Wrigglesworth

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Scrub Genitals With Homogenized Milk opened for Bread.

Sidebar story: Young women's public hair grooming practices.

It is definitely too early in the morning for that.

heh heh 'I am not Wrigglesworth-y'

Next time, try tomato juice.

Was there any woman involved ? It simply could be some sort of canadian foreplay ...

"This page isn't redirecting properly." Too bad, I wanted to read about the public hair practices.

I have heard guides in many Alaskan and Canadian lodges tell newcomers who are afraid of bears to carry pepper spray and also wear a chain of small bells around their neck to alert the bear to their presence. Then the guide explains that you can easily identify grizzly scat because it contains small bells and smells like pepper spray.

Harvard College has freshpeople dorms called Wigglesworth Hall and, much better, Hurlbut Hall.

That is Hall.

These mating rituals get more and more complex.

The main junior hockey team in Pentiction is called ...


the Penticton


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