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September 28, 2016


Under-21 exotic dancers sue Louisiana for right to bear breasts and butts

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Bear breasts?

This guy is spinning in his grave.

they don't no the difference between bear and bare and bair and bhaer and berber

Why do these women want to carry around breasts and butts?

How exactly "exotic" are they? Are they from Thailand, let's say?

I also wondered why they'd want to carry around the breasts and butt of a bear. Does PETA know about this?

I thought bears were a protected species...or perhaps a projected species?

Cajun kink? Don't look, Boo Boo?

Leave it to the Louisiana legislature to make Florida look distinguished by comparison.

With transgender becoming common, trans-species should have come as no shock. If the dancers can find a Dr. Moreau type plastic surgeon to give them bear butts and breasts, legally they should be able to do this. But it could cause them future dating problems.

Dancing bears are quite common in Russia.

"Another plaintiff, identified as an 18-year-old LSU student, says other dancers under 21 have told her they plan to switch to prostitution once they can no longer dance."

What...they don't employ students at Pizza Hut any more?

Gives the phrase "She's working her way through college an extra subtext.

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