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August 26, 2016


Sunday is GoTopless Day.

(Thanks to Howard from Broward)

"Free the nipple."

(Thanks to wiredog)


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Free nipples? Sounds naughty.... what?

No, I did not come here on the geezer bus. I took a geezer taxi.

How much are they regularly ?

clankie, they're usually about 34d.

Is it March? Erin go bra less?

(looking for Geezer bus.)

And today, Aug. 26, is Woman's Equality Day. Maybe they should be celebrated together?

I plan on being topless tomorrow for part of the day.

Don't Boobs usually come with Free Nipples or is this a
"fast food trick"?

Oh brother a boob map? The subject matter has to be about boobs or penis's or butts or toilets to be of big interest to Dave. (ha)

I may put off my regularly scheduled zero hour with the escort service this Sunday and attend.

The Episcopal service is never going to be quite the same after this.

I have LOTS of friend who call this foreplay.

Go topless where? Shopping? To work? My boobs are quite big, but I don't think my boss would appreciate this since I am a man.

The "free..." link brings up only a Typepad screen for me. Rats.

FM-- geezer Uber

"Oops. Something went wrong." No shite.

I didn't have the impression that it was all that acceptable for a man to go topless, except in a few specific situations. Are we getting liberated too? Will my classes full of students like it?

I agree with Nursecindy that it's always the wrong people you see going topless...

Riccione, Italy -- « Please wear colorful bras. »

Cry havoc! And let slip those puppies of war.
-----Shakespeare, the very abridged version.

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