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August 29, 2016


The start of a new school year was postponed for two days after bats were found hiding in the multi-purpose room of an Elmhurst elementary school earlier this week.

(Thanks to Dave N.)


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That's a good reason.

Let's hope there are no bats left behind.

And to think the school counsel turned down adding a belfry to the construction plans.

I'm Batman.

At my high school, we called one of the female teachers The Bat and the teachers' room was called The Batcave.

"...officials attributed the bats to recent maintenance performed on the building envelope between the interior and exterior walls."

It's Illinois. The squirrel union doing the job in that space demanded more money when they were blocked by the bat thugs demanding a kickback, but the district wouldn't pay because the Governor is cutting their funds. Now everybody loses.

" Robin, Commissioner Gordon and I go away for a few days of fishing and leave you with ONE job to do: look ater the bats. Now this happens. I swear, some days I could kick you out of the Batcave."

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