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August 26, 2016


Woman releases tub of live crickets and worms on New York subway then pees on herself sending screaming commuters into a frenzy

(Thanks to Patty Villanova and Jeff Meyerson)


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In New York, we call this Wednesday.

By the way, I saw Tub of Crickets open for Burning Underwear.

Helluva show.

New York performance art.

I saw Screaming Commuters in a Frenzy open for Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

To be clear, the passengers were already screaming before any of this started.

Presumably, she had the crickets and worms to feed the snakes on the train.

"Ladies and gentlemen, due to cricket, worm and urine release, this train will be delayed. We apologize for the incontinence."

Another day on the A train, eh?

I'd like to see some mugger try to mug her !

It was probably self-peeing, insect releasers ride free day.

No one has been able to explain what the woman was doing trying to sell worms and crickets in such a place.
Apologies to Hemingway.

Le Petomane - It's the New York City subway. That should explain it all.

And the problem is????

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