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August 31, 2016


ST. LOUIS - After a gas station clerk manager to stop 33-year-old Joshua Crook from taking a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos, he attempted to light the gas station on fire, according to a police report.

(Thanks to manual tomato, DaninDallas, Al Barkafski and Jeff Meyerson)


Note that this blog is not displaying amusement regarding the suspect's name.


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The only surprise is that Mr. Crook, clearly not the freshest chip out of the bag, didn't try and use the Flamin' Hot Cheetos to "ignite" the gas station.

& thus the blue-rubber-glove-mug-shot meme generator

Nice to see somebody believes in Truth in Advertising,
but 10 points deducted for trying to live a "Flamin Hot" lifestyle,

I don't think those snacks are readily available in jail.

He wants flamin' hot, one way or another.

Best mugshot EVER. I have never had a mugshot taken, but if I ever do.

His cellmate, Bubba, will consider him a hunka burnin' love.

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