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August 22, 2016


Ramen is displacing tobacco as most popular US prison currency, study finds

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Ah, Ramen noodles. Many of us would have starved out of college without them. And for some strange reason, I still eat some once in a while.

Dahmer was beat to death with a mop handle over a lousy packet of Ramen. Plus, Ramen gets the chicks, man.

The FSM approves.

Do we want to know how ramen is smuggled into prisons? No, we do not.

Le Petomane,

for some strange reason, I still eat some once in a while.

Same here. Cooking them in chicken broth or beef broth and then adding a dash of hot sauce or soy sauce makes them palatable. The vile "seasoning" packets that come with them are best discarded.

I once had a ex-friend of mine arrested back in the early 80's for domestic abuse (I walked into his house just as the crime was occurring, which is why is is, to this day, an ex-friend).

While he was in the county jail he called me (No, he wasn't too bright, either) and told me all about the "Ramen economy" of the jail. A single cigarette was 5 packets of Ramen. Want a new mattress? That was something like 172 packets of Ramen.

I seriously don't want to know what they based their economic indicators upon!

That's using the old noodle(s)!

Several years ago I worked part time in health and safety at our local detention center. If you saw jail food you'd be wanting some Ramen noodles too.

The ultimate guide to the best ramen in the D.C. area

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